About Us

Hi! We’re Katie and Jenn!  We’re just a couple of moms with childlike hearts for Jesus, passion for God’s truth, and love for our families!

We were born as cousins, grew to be friends, and then became sisters in Christ!



Our Grandfather was diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer just before the holiday season.  Watching our grandparents suffer broken hearts deeply broke our own. Knowing our grandparents placed their trust in God, we embarked on creating a gift that would remind them of God’s promises every day.

Together we collected scriptures of encouragement, and created daily readings for our grandparents to read together leading up to Christmas day.


Our grandfather closed his eyes to the world and woke to the Lord’s face four days after Christmas.

We feel so blessed to have been a part of his journey as he prepared to rejoice with our Lord.

“So, what about the name Petunia Diaries?”

Well, it comes directly from our hearts.
Our Grandma would often refer to each of us as her “petunia,” and since she and Grandad are the heart behind our adventure, it just felt right!
Diaries are the place where you have the freedom to spill your heart and soul.  A diary holds your thoughts, your prayers, your hopes, and your deepest desires.
So, in a way, we are sharing our diaries with each of you.
And that’s us....Petunia Diaries!
Just a couple of girls with a desire to share the truth about faith and hope while bringing our hearts to the table in beauty, art and love.